Not nice, but had a good laugh.

3/04/2018 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Considering that I don't feel well,  need to get rid of the high blood pressure (Yes, the systolic pressure is very high), and I have to do a lot of other things that take a lot of time, I decided to call in ill for the meeting of tomorrow evening.

Then I saw the agenda... stating that my new cardologist is guestspeaker on new ways of consultations with heart failure patients.

Not nice, but  had a good laugh.

He'll get some very interesting questions...

Made an appointment with one of our local political leaders for thursday.
Her invited me after a through comment on one of his online fb-posts.

On friday the nephrologist is planned.

We had a nice weekend, as the other part of the twin came and stayed here until this evening.
Her leg is finally healing with the help of the fysiotherapist.
It was very relaxed.
But the blood pressure stayed far too high and I got swollen feet and legs. Not good....
Counting down to friday...



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