He compared himself with the world.

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So our car broke down during the cold weather of last week and my second son was planning to come this afternoon to see what was the matter. It's not freezing anymore, so something that was frozen would be defrosted.

I didn't dare to do some work for the phone service as he might walk in with a lot of noise.

And later in the afternoon I started to get ready for the meeting. I kind of forgot that the bus takes such a lot of time. So I had to hurry to be in time at the busstop.
I arrived in time at the hospital, could walk through straightaway, and was told by the secretary to find a bread I like. (No rucola).

It was nice to see the others again, and ity was good the other woman was not present. It created a far more relaxed atmosphere.

He came in rather early, took a chair outside the circle and that surprised me.

When he arrived he shook hands with every person. His boss shook his hand and called him by his first name. When he arrved at me he was surprised. With a bright smile I shook his hand and sad 'hi ...mentoning his frst name, we know each other.'

He finished his studies two years ago. He looks a lot older, so I guess he had a different job before this.
He didn't work with patients, but was advisor of the board. When I worked there at the hospital that was the job for those who could learn well, but didn't have the human skills to deal with patients. So I think he needs to make 'patient hours' and that's why he works at the other hospital.
I might be wrong...

He started with a photo of a tropical island, telling that in the past he had to use a travelshop, but nevertheless he went there often. But now he can book online. To show that the world has become more digital. I started grinning, as one could say he compared himself with the world. LOL!

He's working on a project to digitalise patient care.... When I told him that I missed a good psychosocial care plan, he didn't understand that that is more than psychological care.
That gave me the feeling: get me on the development team, because you don't know one bloody thing about emotion.

I asked him why they want to go digital to a high level. when they can't deal with simple emails to the cardiologist. He didn't like the question. "You can't just plunge patients into an all digital care-world when you can't fit a low level of digital patient care into the present world.'

I had the expected sharp moments and they were good. He was not able to deal with them, but his boss picked it up.
He was speaking about patients dealing with changes in medication themselves. I said that I thought he was creating a world which can't exist when cardiologists tell patients they're not able to give them the knowledge they want in 10 minutes.
And there were some more moments like that.
It was not only paytime, but I mainly was criticizing a researchplan the way I would have done with my own students. It has been my job for 5 years.

I wonder about the psychological consequences of what they want. Waking up and your phone asks you if you have breathing difficulties..... Would maker me feel more ill than I am... He said it would take just a few seconds to answer, but he doesn't have any understanding I don't want that in the morning, because I would feel the patient and forget to be grateful I'm still alive.

In the meantime I've got an invitaton of the patient care coordinator of my hospital to talk about this last consult. Used it as an example why there is more to patient care than just having a consultation. The hospital wants to change communication into more patient driven care. So the patient tells what he or she needs and the doctor replies. But the doctor needs to be able to deal with this.

Went home in the car of a very nice colleague. Took 15 minutes instead of the 1,5 hour with the bus.

So all in all a worthwhile day.



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