Decision nephrologist

8/24/2017 Syl 0 Comments

From a new one to a new one.
From better to best.

Today I went to see the nephrologist again.
I was very stressed.
I expected to see the nice woman, and it turned out to be a young man.

So I asked him if she was changed into the male version. He looked puzzled and then smiled: 'she's on vacation'/
'Oh, she should have planned her appointments better,' was my reaction, 'I'm very fed up with ever changing faces.'

They don't know what is the matter.
But the echo showed the right kidney is smaller than the other kidney, which wasn't in the past.

Together we agreed part of the kidney problems might be due to my heartproblems, which made my body shut down.
And as I observed a few times that my bloodpressure went down before the kidney's gave symptoms, at least part of it all can be caused by this too.

I asked for the dietician, but the team has a different idea.
So I'm referred to the kidney nurse. She knows a lot about food and diet too. So we agreed I'll try her, and see if she can deal with the other diet requirements.
And I will be referred to one of the staff nephrologists.
I didn't let him speak, for fear I might end up with one of the male ones and asked if I could go to the female nephrologist, as she was the one who diagnosed the kidney insufficiency.
He started to laugh and said that that was what the team wanted too.

They are worried about the whole issue as they consider me far too young to deal with this.
Puh, I'm 61.

I got a compliment that I had refused to stop Fosinopril, even though I hate the stuff, it's good for the kidneys,
We also talked about the new prescription of the cardiologist (Labetalol) and that I want better cooperation between the two disciplines. But first we have to wait to see.who will be the new cardiologist.

It was a pleasant consultation.
And I have to say that I feel a lot more cared for than at cardiology...after my first cardiologist had left. Even though the cardio-nurse has been very kind and nice.

But when going home I got angry.
At that cardiologist. He told me the last time that my kidneys were OK.
Good that I didn't tell the kids or anyone else, because I didn't trust him. It was not up to him to give the result of the echo, and he gave it wrong!!!
Even worse.... he missed an issue in the ECG, or didn't know what it was, or didn't care to inform me.
When my first cardiologist left I was very sad, but now I'm relieved. Better without a cardiologist than with one I've had.


47. DVD of the BBC-series: Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart

8/02/2017 Syl 0 Comments

I'm very impressed by the BBC series: Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart
I love every moment of it.
The way nature is filmed is amazing. The effort the crew took to give us an insight in animal behaviour was huge. But it certainly paid off.
It's one of the few series that keeps me focused from the first second to the last. And makes me dream long after the episodes have finished.

The series is narrated by Hugh Quarshie, one of my favorite players of Holby City.
His voice calms me, and draws me in the film even more.

I think I can see this series over and over again, seeing each time new things, and never ever be bored.

So I think it's wise to have a DVD, so I can watch it when I'm in the hospital or very ill at home.



Gone and back

8/02/2017 Syl 0 Comments

So I did the urine collecting a week later.
When I collected the containers I expected one with a liquid or powder and one without. But they were both without.

The first day went OK, the second day my kidneys almost shut down, and as I didn't know if I could take a tablet to keep them going I took nothing. Maybe they can find the reason of the shutting down..

Had to pee in a little pot too. Pity...just a few drops. I was afraid they would tell me in the hospital it was not enough, but the nurse didn't even look at it.
She did the paperwork, and that was it.

Another nurse took some blood and off I went.

Had my eyes checked so I could order new glasses.
When the woman was ready she told me to come back later in the week. The results were so very much different from last time, she wanted someone else to check them too.
So: new appointment: saturday.

The rest of the day I did some chores, but I felt more and more cloudy in my head.
So at last I cancelled tomorrow.'s going with my son to the movieset.
It will be rather hot and I can't risk getting unwell. There's nothing to hide at the airfield.

In the evening my kidneys started to work again.



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