Still amazed

2/23/2018 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

I'm still amazed about what happened yesterday.
Telling me he doesn't want to inform me fully about the way my heart has changed, because he just has 10 minutes.
And stating it's the national system not to cooperate wth other disciplines.

I bet he didn't know my files at all, just like my former cardiologist. And he didn't know why I was referred to him. Otherwise he would have started with that.

He didn't say a thing about the EKG. Didn't compare it with the former one. Certainly didn't make an interpretation, but just went with the computerdiagnosis. Which is not accurate.
I wasn't told anything about my blood pressure.

In fact he didn't do anything useful.

Let's wait if he contacted the nephrtologist. She's, according to other people, very good in cooperating for the wellbeing of the patient.



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