Me and lists

5/30/2017 Syl 0 Comments

Even though I'm writing about my bucketlist, I hate lists.
I've never worked with fixed plans. With 6 children so many unexpected things happen, that one needs to be flexible.

I managed rather well when the kids were little, but it brought the girls that came to my assistance after giving birth to the twins in the stress. They wanted a cleaningplan for the house.
I didn't have one. Oh dear!
My explanation: when cleaning the kitchenfloor is on the list on mondays, you're walking though the dirt all week. When a child undresses in the bathroom and creates a floor full of sand it needs cleaning immediately, even if it's done an hour ago. You can't wait until next time.

And as I had no help, other than during the first time after giving birth to a new child, it was me who needed to do everything.

The house was clean, a bit cluttered, but clean, and things went well.

Now the kids are grown up and promise all sorts of things, things go wrong.

I'm uncluttering the house. I've got the time now, and it isn't boring, because I had no time for 30 years. (Consequence of 4 kids with special needs).
It's fun to see old photo's, find those child's letters with spelling mistakes, dripping with love for mom, the macaroni chains given with a big smile at other's day, and all those odd things one puts away in a corner.
But I feel kind of imprisoned in my own home, not at ease anymore, and even though I want to move, I want things done.

So I've decided to make a to do list here at the site. So the kids can find it and maybe that works better than mailing them.

I've decided to take matters in my own hands when nothing happens, and they know that. Makes them even more inattentive. (Said that nice, didn't I?)

Take for instance the bathroom. One of the problems in the houses here is that the tiles come off.
I can glue them to the wall, but I can't make a nice white line in between them with that special mortar, or how it's called. I tried, and created a messy wall.
Finally one of my sons came and did it. Oh no, he did half of the wall!! Half of the main wall, so in fact he did 1/3.
The rest needs to be done....

So you'll get the idea.
What lacks is a man around the house. Or a woman who takes the man's job as her own tasks too.

So don't be surprised that I won't blog for a while, when I try to rebuild a wall I demolished when trying to drill a small hole for a plug to hang a photo. OK, the walls are bad here, but still...



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