Gone and back

8/02/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

So I did the urine collecting a week later.
When I collected the containers I expected one with a liquid or powder and one without. But they were both without.

The first day went OK, the second day my kidneys almost shut down, and as I didn't know if I could take a tablet to keep them going I took nothing. Maybe they can find the reason of the shutting down..

Had to pee in a little pot too. Pity...just a few drops. I was afraid they would tell me in the hospital it was not enough, but the nurse didn't even look at it.
She did the paperwork, and that was it.

Another nurse took some blood and off I went.

Had my eyes checked so I could order new glasses.
When the woman was ready she told me to come back later in the week. The results were so very much different from last time, she wanted someone else to check them too.
So: new appointment: saturday.

The rest of the day I did some chores, but I felt more and more cloudy in my head.
So at last I cancelled tomorrow.'s going with my son to the movieset.
It will be rather hot and I can't risk getting unwell. There's nothing to hide at the airfield.

In the evening my kidneys started to work again.



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