22. Become a falconer

6/09/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

When I was 4, I saw a wild bird of prey in the woods. It was a large buzzard. Probably very hungry, because he didn't pay any attention to my father and me.

The intensity of the moment was so strong, that the memory lasted all those years.

When I was a bit older we went to a falconer's place. He had many birds. The people who accompanied me were afraid of the birds, and stayed far away. I was so fascinated by the birds' curiosity that the falconer had to warn me to keep a safe distance.

He didn't give a show, because there were too many people that afternoon.
And the next opportunity to see a show we missed it, because of the traffic.

Maybe I won't like a bird of prey as close anymore. I don't know.
Maybe it's too heavy on my hand.
But right now I think I would love the experience of becoming a falconer.



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