...and I played calm.

7/29/2017 Syl 0 Comments

People don't like to read blogs about depression, illness and pain, unless they suffer from the same.
I know that, but I still write about my days, because I think it's important to give an insight what goes on, so people are able to help and support someone to feel better, or live through it too, knowing they're not alone.

No news on the subject of the financial administration. I bugged the organisation that collects the rent to confirm receiving my mail, first by using the regular email account and then I went to the part of the site which is aimed at doing business with homeowners and got a confirmation there. It doesn't mean anything, but I can show I've been busy with them.

Was reading on their site a bit, as they took over the renting out just a month ago, and read we don't have the income to rent in their system. I hope it's for starters. We're in the house over 30 years now.
I want to move but can't find anything I want: a small house near the sea.

Reading this caused a lot of stress.

The past months I've been fighting such a lot, that I'm tired and want some relaxation.
Stress piles up.

This morning my second son came to drive me to the opticien to get my eyes checked.
Before we collected the materials for some tests at the hospital. A cranky nurse gave the stuff.
I've decided to do the urine tests next week. Pity when the results aren't available in time. I couldn't have done it this week.

My eyes aren't checked. There were so many people waiting.
Did some looking around in the shopping center. Found two small books. The covers are of the same fabric and colours as my fabric backpacks. Kind of mexican or peruvian weaving.
Something nice for myself...need that.

Then we went home and when we wanted to leave the car the motor wouldn't stop!!!
My son was completely stressed out, and I played calm.
He managed to stop it after all, and immediately called the friend who is the mechanic.

We need the car this weekend. One of my daughters has to work odd hours at a village that can't be reached by bus in the weekend. And my son needs to go to the airport where they do parachute jumps. This weekend is very important, because they'll work on a movie.

I was glad my second daughter was visiting. She's a very calming person, lots of smiles, and lots to tell. We had a nice time.

In the evening I looked for information about what I can expect from the nephrologist and the preparations for dialysis.



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