41. A shared holiday house.

7/15/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

My dream to have a small house  near the sea won't come true.
I don't have the money, as simple as that.
Buying one is out of the question, and renting one is impossible. It's more expensive that the normal house we live in now.

But I wondered if it would be possible to share a house with friends.

The idea started in my mind when I saw a photo of a friend and his wife celebrating yet another vacation at sea.
One of the children saw the photo and said that she wanted to go to sea the next week.

Two months ago I've been at sea with another friend, and all I can say is that I want to stay there....always.

And suddenly the idea was born: why not share a holiday house?

One of them can buy the house as an investment. I can live there, and when they want to spend a week there I can visit one or more of the children. That way the house is always cared for and always used. I can pay rent, and when others use it as a friend's bed and breakfast their money goes to the owner too.

Or we start a foundation that buys the house.
I think we'll find a way to run the hole business.

When we buy a small house, we can buy a house outside the touristic area, which means it can be occupied all year.



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