And now.....wait

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So our family doctor considered taking care of the kidney problems a matter of urgency.
But the hospital?

As far as I can see in the system it'll take 17 days before an appointment.
17 days!!!!

When waiting to be seen by the cardiologist the waiting time would have resulted in death wouldn't I not have been in hospital. I was lucky then.

And now?

To prevent problems I skipped part of my medication.
The cardiologist told me not to do so. Last time he told me I was irresponsible, but I had to take action because I knew I couldn't reach the hospital for proper care.
This time I mailed my cardiology nurse. I guess she's on vacation, because I didn't get a response. But it's equally possible she ha informed him and he didn't reply.

I skipped the medication I thought would be available in the body now it's not cleared by the kidneys. My bloodpressure was still rather low, so no harm done.
If the kidneys had caused high blood pressure I wouldn't have taken the risk.

I also skipped the vitamins I have to use for a metabolic disease (I can do without them for a day) and those I'm taking against existing deficiency. (The deficiency has been worse anyway.), skipped all salt and protein in my food, and drank only water.

During the day my brainfog cleared a bit, which seemed to be positive.
Only late in the evening the blood pressure started to rise a bit. So maybe that means some of the medication or its associated toxins are less burdening the body, and I need to restart medication?

Being on a waitinglist is being between doctors.
The urgency my own doctor experienced and which resulted in swift action, seems to be a thing of the past.
It's like none is bothered, but a few caring friends.
It's like reaching out from the water, but none on firm ground sees my hand.
When they bother it might be too late.
Or maybe we've bothered too much and all has normalized by the time a nephrologist sees me. And which kidneydoctor will I get?
And do I need to stay in hospital?
Do I need to make a choice for dialysis and other treatment options?

Will I be lucky and escape all problems?

Far more questions arise than I have answers.

We'll see.


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