My healthinsurance is...a mess

6/03/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Got a  mail to tell me to expect a bill of the pharmacy of 800 euro.

So I asked the pharmacy for a specification.
Always do...always do.

1. the first order was dated in such a way that the insurance has to pay.
2. second order was paid at that very moment, as it wasn't an insured item.
3. they packed for hundreds of euros in a bag, but we never fetched the bag and it wasn't brought to us with the delivery service.

So the action of the pharmacy borders on fraud.

I told the pharmacy and the insurance to get their administration in order.

I will never ever think matters are settled with the insurance.

Because I got  a mail telling me I had to pay a lot of money before the 5th.
I've already paid!!!

I've gained a good insight in how that insurance works.
Make a mess by leaning back an doing nothing what needs to be done.
Then send a large bill with fines and admin costs.

The postpone payment opportunities, until a new bill with fines and such can be sent.

Feel like sending them a bill for all the time I had to spend to get things sorted and the stress of their mess.



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