16. Go dog sledding

6/03/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Maybe it's because I was born in January, in one of the coldest winters. The water beside my mother's bed was frozen.
I love snow. The feeling and sound of it under my feet, the silence when it comes down, and the light on the ceiling when it surprises me when I wake up.

When an online friend moved to Alaska and her husband started training for dog sledding competitions it got all my attention and I even started dreaming about it.

The eagerness of the dogs, the long distances without a human being, the speed, and being part of nature.

There is something drawing me towards the snowy north and it touches me deep in my being.
It's almost as strong as the sea, maybe as strong, but different.
The sea is within reach, just a few hours traveling. The north... it's far, far away.



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