A day to shake my head

6/02/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Some days are so filled with...everything, that I only want to shake my head and have all memories drop on the floor. just to be able to sleep and to start a new day with new energy.

The day started far too early, but soon the news came that the car had two new tires and the lights had been fixed. Such a relief.
I would have appreciated a clean inside and out-, but alas. I saw what they had been eating, and I didn't look long.....

The active son was OK to go with me to run (drive) some errands and get the groceries.

So first we went to our family doctor to get some paperwork and tell the assistant I would give myself the needed shot. I like to do it late in the evening, so I'm not bothered with the nausea and such.

Of course the pharmacy was closed for lunch, so we visited some shops before we got the large bag with my medication.

Then went to the supermarket and got some much needed groceries, and paid a visit to the butcher, for a friend of us. We even threw a bag of old fabric in the skip and the hurried home to drink something. The temperature and humidity went up very fast and very high.

Then it was the usual: laundry, cleaning and some other chores and then the girls came home.
One of them lives at home, but the other lives and studies in another town and her last visit has been weeks ago, so she started to feel homesick.
They made dinner (and a complete mess of my kitchen) and we had a nice time.
Far too soon she had to go to her home again.

I still feel sad to see her go, but I'm also very proud that she managed to be admitted to the dance academy. She had to put up a tremendous fight, but she did it. And yesterday she was told by one of the teachers that they expect her to be the only one of her year to graduate. She was also offered a job, but she can't accept it as it's too far away and she wants to do her studies.

I still have to do some work, reviewing the prints of the heart-journal. But the deadline is sunday-evening, so I give myself a bit more time to do it.
I need to balance work and relaxation far better, so let's start today....



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