17. Be a travel reporter

6/04/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Today I got the question; 'Would I be able to be a travel reporter?'

Wish it was a job offer.
The answer is 'YES!!'

How I know?

Before I studied psychology I studied English. Just a year, but I learned a couple of things that came in handy later in life. One of these things was being a radio reporter. Of course it was to encourage us to speak freely in a foreign language and to have a clear pronunciation.

The choice our team made was for a subject that was in the news at the moment: Mexican archeology. Not very wise. It took us hours and a few broken tongues to pronunciate the names of the old temples of South America. :)
But we did it.

Later we worked together to earn some money for a hotel nearby, they needed a short movie about the hotel and the surroundings. I was the presenter. Showing the viewers the hotel inside out, and the beautiful woods and some interesting museums. I interviewed a few people in front of the camera and I loved it.

I didn't feel the need to see my face in the movie, but I loved to show people around, and rely part on script and part on improvisation.

The secret wish that I wanted to travel with Michael Palin was never expressed and certainly not to him (hiding now), but my friends know I would have liked to travel the world with Erica Terpstra, to show that older female travel reporters can be a true gem for the older traveler.

Now I think I don't need more than a good team to travel with and show the world some very interesting places.

I'm keeping my mail and the comment section open for offers... LOL!



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