The question and the answer.

5/24/2017 Syl 0 Comments

Quite some people asked me to start blogging, so they won't have to get to know me just by reading my bucketlist texts.

I took it into consideration and after some pressure by some good friends I decided, hesitant though, to say 'yes'.

It's not that I feel the need to show the world who I am, but I think it might show the children an additional insight in who I am.

And maybe those requested me to write a blog will understand who I am and why I make certain decisions.
After my gram and father died I was left with questions that will never be answered. Such a pity, because they both were storytellers. But there was not enough time to listen to everything they had to tell.
Blogging enables me to tell at times others sleep, and they can make their own choice of time and place and even of what they want to read.

To let's try....



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