The only one

5/24/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Last week I met an interesting young man.
Interesting..., that is...he, himself, considered himself a very interesting person. Even more than a person, a full grown identity.
He was wearing a suit, which was a bit too tight, made from material that was a bit too thin, looking a bit too cheap.
His gestures and other movements were plenty and quick, and it all gave the impression of a kind of ghostly marionette. A talking one.

And he talked a lot.
After a few minutes I just heard some incidental words, like when reading a book just by catching the last words on each page.
When I realized a was regressing into being a lazy listener I tried to catch up with what he was telling.
Turned out he was recognized by two people after being on stage at a public event.
Immediately his story was followed by loud praise of his accomplishments. I couldn't join him, I'd not been a witness of his outstanding performance.

So I asked him a very down to earth question: 'and what are you doing in daily life?'
He was a student, he told me, proud and delighted he could show me his eagerness to learn.
I wondered if he was showing it only to me, or to the whole wide world.
Which year? I asked, pretending to be interested.

He raised his left hand, then his right hand, and with his fingers he formed.... an O.
I made the noise of a question mark, assuming it was enough conversation to keep him busy.
He smiled... for the first time a bit inward.
'I'll be attending next year.'

'OK', I said, imagining telling him I'd rather have a doctor after his studies than before.
'It will be interesting to see ho much you are going to change'.

When he walked away his posture and movements indicated he expected a large audience to follow each step.
I was the only one watching him,
not impressed.


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