8. Be at a movie set

5/22/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Last year my son and his parachutist friends acted in a short movie, which was released to promote a WWII museum.

The release was a very festive event, because the exhibition it was related to was opened at the same time and lots of important people were present and a member of the Royal Family held a speech and signaled the official start of it all.

The movie was outstanding, and it was a pity there was no money to make a large movie.
Especially because the crew is very talented and there is enough story to make a very interesting movie. (Take for example the story of my own family. They were in the resistance, and my dad went to England during the war, because he couldn't stay here anymore, and served in the Royal Air Force.)

A new short movie is in the making.
I can't say anything about it, but I would love to be at the set.

Want to see their first movie?
My son is the guy in the jeep who gets his head rubbed. (1.20 minute). You can also see him at other moments in the movie.

It's very short. There is enough material for a long movie...so when you're able to help to get the money together, please help us get the funds so they can use their talents.

Oh, and the link: click here



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