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Not often I visit the national online newsagency.
But today I had a strange feeling to do so and got a real shock.

A dangerous prisoner has escaped from a prison at the other side of the border, in Germany.
We're living not too far from the border, so I couldn't dismiss it as 'nothing to do with us.'

The article mentioned a second prisoner who tried to escape but he was caught in the act.

The prison was one with a clinic for people with mental disorders.
Both prisoners attacked, yesterday evening, 2 members of the medical personnel. One was seriously injured.
The prisoners managed to get outside and reach the high wall with barbed wire. One prisoner escaped, the other couldn't get over the wall.
A helicopter search didn't have the desired result.

A warning was issued for our side of the border too.

This afternoon the German police gave the information that they didn't expect the guy to be on our side of the border. They thought he's gone to Bonn, where he came from and where he knows people.
It's assumed he carries a self-made weapon, and people are warned not to talk to him, but call the police, as he's dangerous.
People are asked to be alert

Well, after reading the first article I warned some of my kids, those who are in town.
I thought it to be important they are informed, because one of our acquaintances looks like the guy.
You'll never know they see him walking and approach him full of enthusiasm, bringing themselves in real danger.



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