11. Sign language

5/27/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Learning sign language has been on my bucketlist quite long.
I've been quite fluent with gestures. To be honest signing in English was quite OK, and I was able to communicate rather well, but signing in Dutch was... ahem... not as good. (to be friendly to myself). Ofcourse I was able to use the basic gestures, they're integrated in the spoken language, but I couldn't manage a normal conversation.

Beside gestures there's also the hand alphabet. The fingers and the position of the hand on the wrist create a letter or word. Signing like this takes more time than gestures, but it's a great help when gestures are lacking.

For people who can't see another alphabet is developed.
It's an alphabet that creates letters with fingers and fingertips on the hand or arm of the person who listens.
I would love to learn that, but I need someone who knows the system well to practice.

When I was chairman of the parent's board of some schools I tried to make people aware of the need for communication beside verbal communication. Now more people grow very old while loosing their eyesight and people with brainproblems have a better chance for survival, sign language becomes more used. it should be part of the school's curriculum.
Problem was that many schools were afraid the pupils might sign during exams.

But a few schools have adopted the idea and started to teach sign language.

For those who ant to learn the Dutch hand alphabet: click here. .


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