5. Festival Mundial

5/20/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Festival Mundial is a two day event, featuring world music and other cultural expressions.

We went there quite often in the past for one day.
It was nice to meet people from Africa and sing with them, interesting to discuss politics with a youth member of one of the largest political parties of the country and eat food I'd never tasted before.

When we couldn't afford to go anymore, partly because the train ticket was too expensive, we volunteered.
This added to the fun. We had to hand out leaflets and walk people to the different stages at the enormous area where the festival was held. It was a great way to get an insight in motivations of the public to attend the festival.
When we were finished working, we were allowed to keep the t-shirt. A man of a band from Kenia asked me to give him my t-shirt. It was an hour before I had a break. I told him to come back during my break. He never did and I didn't have his address. So I still have the t-shirt.

This year I wanted to go again. I considered the 30 year anniversary a good occasion.
But when I saw how much it costs, I decided not to go.

So that's a number on the bucketlist: skipped in 2017.



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