3. Old furniture gone, new arriving

5/18/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

For quite some time I've been saving to buy new furniture.

First I was as lucky as to find the wished for cabinets in the local second hand group. They were almost for free, so I felt very rich.

After trying a lot of couches in a lot of shops, we decided to pay a visit to the Swedish modern furniture shop to buy a couch and two chairs.

The weird looking rocking chair was out of stock.
So it's still on the wishlist.

Instead of replacing the furniture in one day it took a lot more.

The person who offered to help got stuck in traffic and was not able to call. So I first waited a while and then started to take the orange couch in pieces myself. It was quite a job for one person, but I managed to do it with a little help from one of my daughters.

I thought the leather couch would take quite a lot more effort and I was right.
It was very clever not to start it that evening, but wait for the next day.
It took 3 hours to get one arm piece removed, but by then we had some insight in the materials. That was old-fashioned good stuff, meant for eternal use.
Ofcourse I couldn't demolish that couch alone. One of my sons had to be called, and he did a good job of putting the couch outside...in pieces we could hardly carry.

After cleaning the room, one of my daughters and I put the new couch together. Ofcourse with problems with the last screw. LOL!
We were so tired we managed to unpack just one chair.
The next one was done the next day.

Now we're almost ready to replace the old living room table with two little ones.
We've already bought them a long time ago.

Today I worked on the flooring, with parts I still had.

So each day something is done to make the room a better place to be.

I'm very grateful for a couch that doesn't cause lots of pain. It's a short couch, but last week I slept a few nights on it, to escape from the noise of the neighbours and from the high temperature during one night. For the first time in ages I felt refreshed after sleeping in my own home. So maybe a new mattress on the bed isn't a bad idea. Well, we'll see.


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