Two flat tires!

5/27/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

So we went to the grocery-shop, skipping dinner, because we weren't hungry at all. We didn't have much time before closing time. which wasn't a real problem because we didn't have much money to spend.

As one of my sons needs the car tomorrow, we decided to go straight after shopping towards his home to fetch him to bring us home and take the car to his house.

On our way to his house I thought the car behaved weird when we made a sharp turn, but I don't have a driver's license so who am I to comment?
At the house of my son his brother granted him the driver's seat.
We drove a few meters and the car didn't feel OK. I thought that it might be a flat tire, and so did my sons.

It was a flat tire!

We drove to the garage, just a few houses away, and put air in the tire. When he pulled the hose away the tire hissed like a far too big snake.
So my son took the spare tire, and within a few minutes he exchanged the tires.
Job done.

Just a bit of air in the other tire.
When the pressure was almost right the valve kind of exploded from the tire, hurting the hand of the younger son who was holding the hose.

As we didn't have another spare tire in the car, we looked at each other, thinking about a solution for the problem.
The oldest walked back to his house to get a spare he had standing there.
I didn't expect much, as it was from a different kind if car.
He walked towards the garage like the tire was a donut. Wow!

It didn't fit.

So we decided to call the car-service.
After 10 minutes waiting we gave up.
Called a friend, who came with his spare tire. Didn't fit.

So the three men made the decision that the oldest would drive very slow to his house, so the car could be parked there and then the friend would take us all home and the oldest can use his friend's car tomorrow.

Now we're without a car, and I intended to fetch medication in Germany next week and a lot more.
I'd better not think about it....



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