1. A Beagle

5/18/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

I would love to spend my time with a beagle.
It's not only the best excuse and a bit of pressure to go to walk a few times a day, it's also a lot of fun to have a companion and a friend, to teach things and to rest together.

A few years ago I had a very interesting experience.
We were driving on the road to Germany, which leads through hills and woods and saw a few people on horses carefully descending the very uneven slope of a bushy hill.
It was such a beautiful sight that we parked the car and I took my camera and walked around a bit.
Suddenly about 50 to 60 beagles appeared from the bushes and ran towards me.
I'm still amazed I wasn't afraid at all, but just enjoyed the enthusiasm of the dogs, their moving ears, and the buzz in the air.
More horses came from the hill and followed the dogs.

Some sniffed at my feet, some looked at me for a moment, but soon the followed their noses and disappeared.

Before this beautiful moment.I knew I wanted a beagle, but after that I was a 100% sure.

In the north of the country a foundation hosts beagles that were meant to be used for research. Right now quite some beagles are tested if they are able to detect certain smells, like those of certain diseases. Those who can't be used for training are put up for adoption.
The foundation requires future bosses to attend a meeting. The meeting is too far away.
I'm also not completely sure I can afford everything a dog needs.

But at the very moment I know I can, a beagle will become my friend.



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