2. Parajump

5/18/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

For years I thought that I'd become too old, but I now know better. Last week a 100 year old did a tandem jump, so there's hope I'll jump out of a plane...(or I'm pushed out of it...LOL!) at least once.in my life.

My father served in the RAF and I remember asking him how he liked parajumping. 'Never ever again!' he replied.
It's a pity he hasn't witnessed one of his grandsons becoming one of the best parajumpers of the country.
He's no paraglider, but he jumps with the parachutes used in WW2. Quite an expensive hobby and a difficult too, as the materials aren't made anymore. He's searching for a reserve chute with the pull mechanisms in the front. But chances are he's used the last one.

All I did to encourage my son to take up this special hobby is telling him that to realize his dream he has to work for it.

Maybe it's in the genes. I've wanted to jump from the age of 4, when I learned that our freedom and peace are the result of the courage of young men, wanting to end the war.
My secret wish is to jump above the fields of Groesbeek. Shhtt...don't tell anyone. I think that will never happen, as jumping there means one needs to be well trained.
But hej... one needs to dream... and have wishes.... :)



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