Oh no!! - day

2/15/2018 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

This was a typical 'Oh no! - Day'.

I couldn't sleep, to begin with. Went downstairs to eat something, because sometimes it's a low blood sugar that keeps me awake. Found out is was snowing...a tiny, little bit.

All gone an hour later...

Tried to write my articles and I was too tired.
So I made a call for the telephone service, which was perfectly OK.
In the afternoon I was yawning so much that the tears in my eyes prevented reading my own stuff.

Tried to take a nap, had a nap (yeay!!) and woke up with pain in my jaw. Didn't know if it was neuropathy (my feet were hurting like hell too) or tooth ache.

No way I could find out. One of my daughters has hurt her knee last week and she had her whole leg full of large blue patches. I told her to go to the doctor again. She didn't. Argued that the doctor spoke about a contusion of her knee and it was done.
The past week she had a lot of pain and it didn't get less, today she saw new blood patches under her skin, moving downwards. So there's a fresh bleeding in the leg. Probably torn muscles.
She's a dancer!!!

So we told her to call the doc and have a referral for the ER.
The woman taking the call...told her to go to the doctor tomorrow....

In the meantime one of my sons arrived here to fetch the car to drive her to the ER. I was hanging clothes and putting my pills in the bag to go with him. So he could return home.

Mu tooth ache became a lot worse. Painkiller I took didn't work, so I had to take something which is not good for my kidneys. Under normal circumstances I take it at the first sign of a problem and that's it, but the nurse didn't want me to take it. So now the problem is far worse.

I hate going to the dentist. Had a very good and kind one in the past, but he works in Toronto now. If someone would pay my flight I would hurry to him with my mouth open and sit there reasonably relaxed until he had fixed my whole mouth.

Before him I had two female butchers...eh dentists. They demolished my left bottom jaw, so I couldn't have an implant there, and they not only gave me loads of fears for the dentist, but also a lot of anger.
After my beloved dentist I got one of his pupils who was even more fixated on cars and money, than on being a kind person. Most of the time he's very kind to me, because he knows I know where he comes from, but sometimes he's not the guy I want to have as a dentist.
When I wanted him to remove the molar which is hurting now, he refused. I understand why. The roots are turned outward. So he can't just pull the thing out, but has to work on it. And he doesn't know what it will do with my jaw.

Then I got my heartproblems, and I didn't think it was worth to invest the money and effort in my teeth, as I wouldn't live long anyway.
The fear crept in, then kidney problems, so a lot of medication is a no-no.
Then I had no money.
The insurance pays a bit, but not everything. I just don't have the money to create a fancy supermarket mouth, as I call the dental look of the moment. Most of my teeth are good, but just like one of my daughters I was born with some dental oddities. Didn't change some teeth and molars, so I still have my kid's teeth, and they're bad. The one hurting is one of them.

So I'll start with sending the practice my list of medications.
And then I have to go and face the guy's tremendous car and ego.
Well, I like his fancy car...not his ego.
And I don't fancy the bill... for a hole.



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