Valentine's Day 2018

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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Started the day with another gold for speed skating. Brilliant!
Then hurried to two meetings, one of them as postponed because the first took far too much time.

The meeting was fun. We really enjoyed it.
The group attending is usually very large, and between them are some 'characters' and ego's that claim a lot of attention and spread a feel that is not always positive.
One of them tends to disagree with me before I've even said a word. It's very disturbing to hear after each sentence: 'No, no, it's my opinion that....', like I'm hired to speak her words and I'm not doing the job well.

So I had a sense of freedom, and watching the others they had it too. We had good laughs, could speak our minds, and had a nice brainstorm that lead to a meeting that will be dedicated to all of that.
It made me feel more positive about the volunteer work.
Nevertheless I asked for someone to take over the information sessions in the hospital for a while. I was surprised that the other speaker (we alternate) asked me not to stay away forever. Didn't expect that.

I'm over my ears in writing. More pages need to be filled and HQ has asked me to write a piece for the national magazine. Great, but the telephone service needs a lot of attention too. Which means each call lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.
I'd rather have face to face contact and today I was told that when it wouldn't costs a penny a could do that too. Sounds great, but I want my travel costs back, and it also means the hospital should give me a room to talk with patients. The way the hospital is functioning now I don't think there are rooms available.
one wing is completely demolished and is ready for rebuilding. So whole departments are moved around.

Had some fun with the dog of a colleague. It's a service dog,but when her jacket is off, she's allowed to play. A few years ago I would have been afraid, but now not anymore and it's great to have some fun with such a huge dog.

This added to my blood pressure going down.... so somewhere between the end of the meeting and the end of shopping I lost one of my most loved ring.
My fingers are much thinner suddenly.... so it just slipped of my finger.
I feel sad about it.

I've always brought back things I've found, so maybe...maybe....
Went back to the conference room: nothing, toilet... nothing. Street...noop.
Mailed the shops and posted it on the council site.

Strange the ring got lost on Valentine's Day.... No, it's not a wedding ring.



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