A better day

2/12/2018 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

When I went to bed last night.... when I planned to go to bed...I found the washing machine had a problem. Knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep with that knowledge I decided to try and fix the problem.
It wasn't pumping at all, so I suspected some dirt in the pump. But nothing was found.

Trying the thing... nothing. Doing something and trying again, nothing.
Maybe a sock in the hose? Otherwise I needed the repairman and it costs such a lot of money I'd better wash by hand and hang it in the garden to leak and dry....

Before getting the hose open I tried the machine again and flushed the toilet when it should start to pump, to give a different pressure in the hose.
It worked!!!!

Went to bed far, far too late, but I had some sleep.

Today I felt a bit better than yesterday. Blood pressure was a bit down.. not much, but at least some symptoms disappeared.

Managed to write 1 article and almost finish another.
Made a decision to limit some of my volunteer work. New tasks are on my desk soon, but I can't do it all.



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