My first reaction to CKD4

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When my doc contacted me with the blood results I wasn't surprised.
All the symptoms already made me think about kidney problems, but I didn't expect it to be as serious as the blood results suggest.

I was surprised my doc didn't wait until the next day to contact the hospital. Within an hour I got confirmation that they had received his mail and I got a registration number.

I'm still feeling disbelief, the alienation of a huge shock. Part because I thought to have enough time to make decisions. But when I draw the line of deterioration I'll be on dialysis within a few months. So I have to turn the odds.
But how?

A diet? I already have many restrictions: salt, sugar, proteins, and I'm allergic to some vegetables.
I also try to drink between 1,5 and 2 liters a day.
So what's next?

The only option I see to change risk is adjusting my heartmedication.
It's like what I told my present cardiologist: It's about balance. When my heart is rotten, I won't get a kidney transplant or dialysis, when my kidney is rotten my heart will suffer and I certainly won't get any advanced therapy.
So he saved my heart and destroyed my kidneys.

And that makes me soooo mad!
Because I warned him over and over again and he just didn't listen.
He just didn't care at all. Why? His ego? Old age? Is he a routine monster and doesn't think about the consequences of his prescriptions?

My first cardiologist saved my life and really cared about me.
This guy didn't even bother to read the files. I had to tell him my heart was overall dilated, not only at the left, and that all valves were leaking. he was using my echo-movie at an information afternoon in the hospital, but I doubt if he knew it was, or he didn't care, assuming I wouldn't notice.
When I had one of the most important echo's he didn't even bother to have a good look at the results, let alone show the images or the movie.. he closed the files and said the echo was 'good'. And when I ridiculed that in that case I could throw my medication away he had the fright of his life. LOL! Then he explained he meant 'no deterioration'.
Well, it's not good now.
So I've mailed my cardiology nurse and told her to look at the blood results. She'll know what to do. :) Wish I could see her face when confronting him. But maybe he won't bother. It's kidneys.
Or maybe he calls me tomorrow... he loves to call his patients. Well I hate callers who don't show their numbers.

I wonder what's next.
Will I be lucky and will things improve? I've decided to skip part of my nighttime medication, the part which includes some heart medication and vitamins. My priority lies in improving the kidney function, not in treating vitamin deficiencies caused by other pills.

But the exception is vitamin D.
The kidney transforms inactive vitamin D in an active form that is necessary to get firm bones. The lack of vitamin D has a huge influence on calcium and phosphate in the body. But even worse. Research of my own university has shown that a vitamin D deficiency leads to kidney damage.
Well, I'm trying to treat a deficiency....

My thoughts are going from the past to the future.

I described to the doctor of internal medicine certain symptoms that are kidney related. He didn't measure kidney function but said I had no underlying disease. Suggesting a between-the-ears-syndrome. He didn't only miss certain vitamin deficiencies, he missed the kidney-connection, while gazing into the beautiful eyes of his female assistant.

Is the yawning a kidney symptom too?

I'm studying palliative care. Am I now one of the people receiving it? The bad tricks of life?

This is so not good.....


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