My healthinsurance isn't healthcaring

6/01/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

The past months I've been rather stressed because of mistakes of the health insurance.
They forgot to send the bills, but didn't forget to send a memo with added fine and admin costs.
Of course I protested.
Then I had to send in paperwork, because what they had was not good enough. They forgot to inform me. And when they finally did, they told me they hadn't received it.
So I wanted to send it again, and got the wrong address

Each time I pointed out their mistake and asked to be able to pay they said that I had to wait until they had filed the changes.
It drove me nuts.

Then again they made a mistake, by giving me a wrong bill. I'd already paid one of the items.

Another lady at the clientcenter started to threaten me with high fines, which was inappropriate because I wanted to pay, and they didn't offer me an opportunity.

So I filed a complaint and asked to remove the admin costs (the fine was already deleted.)
My request was granted.
And I got apologies.
And I was given the numbers to enable payment. So I paid immediately.

Then we exchanged kind mails.

I was relieved, even a bit relaxed.

Until this evening. I was mailed by the pharmacy: I would get a bill of 800 euro to pay for the medication the insurance refused to pay.

I kind of sensed this could happen, so I didn't fetch the last order of medications.
So again I send them a mail, stating it was their pile of mistakes, not my unwillingness to pay which led to the confusion. Again I filed a complaint, because the person who contacted the pharmacy didn't read the files at all, and didn't inform me.
I also told them my meds were waiting at the pharmacy and I wouldn't get them unless matters are settled. As a heartpatient that involves a risk, a serious risk, so I' ve informed my doc.

I'm fed up with the whole system of insurance.
And this insurance itself is sick and certainly not healthcaring.



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