Did she just paint herself as a gossip?

6/15/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Another meeting is over.
Each month a volunteer organisation of our region meets to discuss all sorts of subjects.

After a few meetings I started to get an insight in the ways people reacted, which opinions they have, and some other aspects of behaviour.
Years of being a chairman of some very difficult meetings have brought some experience, I dare to say.

Most people are easy to deal with. It' not a group of people that contains one or two non-speaking individuals. There is a good feeling of equality.. at least at first sight.

This time we had a lot of fun. The weather was outstanding, no difficult decisions to be made and the vacation just around the corner for many., and a new member.

But underneath the surface a bubble is growing, which wonders me, and puzzles me.

There are three women. One from HQ, someone else and me.
It's those last two which are part of the growing bubble.

I've felt intimidated in the past by a certain kind of women.
It changed my attitude and feelings in such a way that quite a few years ago I decided not to compete with them, as I felt their target was attention, self-confidence and social esteem.
These are not my goals in life, except for self-confidence, but I don't want to gain that at the expense of others.

The result of the presence of such a person in a meeting is that I tend to think more before I say something, or I simply keep my mouth shut. (It both speeds up a meeting, so no problem there. LOL!)

This meeting was filled with so much humor and smiles that I forgot my guarded attitude.
One of the hospitals just finished and reported a pilot study which involved telephone calls.
In the resulting changes in protocols a call is involved and she and I have said we would be willing to do these calls.
I've worked in that hospital for years, at a different department and as a researcher's assistant, and I've been present at many meetings in which important decisions regarding patient-hospital communications were made. That provided some insight in the way they deal with important matters there.

So I said that the knowledge that we re not just volunteers, but we will be trained for the job and we are both bound by the laws regarding privacy, as we are both psychologist,s might be positive input in the decision making process of the hospital.

I forgot she is always against statements I make.

It was like some hidden bee had stung her with unknown violence.
She grew 10 cm's within a second and stated that she doesn't feel bound by those laws in normal life.

I still feel flabbergasted while writing this.
The privacy law of psychologists should be a normal social law. What is told to you in a room stays there, unless you need to discuss it with a wise professional in order to help that person in the best way possible.

So it's not her daily life adagio....

Did she just paint herself as a gossip?



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