27. Bee keeping

6/14/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

That so many bee populations have died worries me.
I love remembering the fields of grass or grain, with lots of flowers at the borders, covering the sides of the country roads.
Summer was not as much the sun; the symbol for me were the flowers.
And to keep them we need bees.

In the city where I live the council first wanted to have bees at the top of the council house. A kind of ridiculous plan, as the bees would live far away from flowers and have more dirty air than fresh air.
Luckily we have a very active organisation of beekeepers and the result of protests was that a new bee home was opened in the largest park of the city, on march the 27th, 2015. 150.000 bees are kept since then at the place where beekeepers worked for a 100 years.
Of course the plan to have a population at the roof of the council house was realized too.

In april this year some nuts destroyed the beehouse in the park, so the population were moved elsewhere.

I don't understand why people do this.

Socalled 'primitive' people take good care of their bees. They know exactly when they can take the honey, and they try not to disturb the bees, so they have not only honey the next year, but also a good fertilization processes of their plants and flowers.
The effort they take, can't be compared with the way the beekeepers here work.

I want to be a beekeeper for a day.
I think I'll be a bit afraid some of those animals might find their way to my skin. It's possible I might get an allergic reaction. I had one in the past. But being so close to this interesting part of nature... These little creature make honey! Wow!!




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