Rain showers like rivers from heaven

6/09/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Some fridays are like days at an office.
Got mails cancelling two meetings, no mail to indicate the health insurance finally got my payment added to the system, so that resulted in another mail to them.
Also no mail from a friend and colleague from the heart organisation, so I assume he's in hospital.
And lots of others from people who wanted to get things finished before the weekend.

Then it was kid's time. One came home in between school and work, with stories.

Then I was told that the kitchen tap acted strange. I first thought it was a joke, as the weather was crap. Rain showers like rivers from heaven, warm sun, and more rain, and wind. But something was wrong with the tap. It didn't close like before. It felt like a spring was inside holding it open far longer than before.

So the rest of the day we had to go upstairs to fetch water.

But we had a nice time nevertheless. Our ballet-girl came home for the weekend. With a nasty cold, and I guess we'll all have a cold next week, but she's home.

It was nice to talk, cook together, and talk some more.

And maybe I've got a bicycle again, as I can use hers.



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