19. Visit the Grossglockner again

6/06/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

I was about 15 when we went to Austria.
We stayed in a hotel in W├Ârgl, Tirol.
We had a great time.
My mom could stay at the hotel with my little sister, enjoying the sun. And my dad and I went with the busdriver to all kinds of places.

It was the busdriver's own holiday too and with a small company we went into the mountains.
I enjoyed the feeling of freedom, the height, and the enormous panorama.

We also went to the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. It's 3.798 meters high. (The second peak is at the same mountainridge, called Kleinglockner.)
We drove on the High Alpine Road and had a good look at the scenery, until the road ended at a place where tourist could have a good look at the mountain from a restaurant. So my mom and sister and many of our tourist bus went there. We went further up and had a better look at the glacier, where a few climbers where crossing the river of ice, intending to spend their next days to reach the summit.
We stood there watching in silence. Nature was so majestic, and I felt so small and yet part of it all. Like I belonged there.
Someone told about the cross at the summit, and when we went to a tourist shop later I bought a card with a painting of the cross loaded with snow and ice. The everlasting ice was formed in the wind, like it tried to hold unto the cross as a soul clings to live.

I would love to be there once again, preferably without many tourists, in deep wintery conditions, to feel the intense presence of this part of nature.



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