18. A medical emergency course

6/05/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

More than a first aid course

In the past I've assisted at accidents before the ambulance arrived.
I know I stay calm and  act medically appropriate, even when improvisation is needed.

After the terrorist attacks of last weeks civilians were of utmost importance in taking care of the victims before the ambulances arrived.

I live near a railway station, shopping center, and at walking distance of an important roundabout. At the other side of my house a couple of schools are situated.
So I'm available within minutes.

A simple first aid course doesn't seem to be enough anymore.
Gun wounds and stabbing injuries, shock and panic, need a different approach than taught in a first aid course.

I urged my son, who is a crisis journalist, to apply for a place at a medical emergency course especially created for journalists. He's often the first st the scene and he's got quite an ethical attitude, not to take photos of wounded people.So he can use his presence far better after the course.

I think a special course needs to be created to act well after terrorist attacks. It's important not to destroy evidence, but at the same time people need help, and maybe even adequate triage. To direct people who are able to help too and keep them calm requires a firm attitude. Etc etc.

I hope I'm able to motivate the new government to take action.


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