To do list

5/31/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

So here is the to do list.

These are only things that need to be done with the help of someone else or by someone else.
All those small things that need to be done are not listed.

When something is done I'll move it to the done-list, which will grow (I hope) under the to do list.

  1. - paint two walls in the living room
  2. - cut some medium trees in the garden
  3. - hang some photo's on the wall
  4. - do the tiles in the bathroom
  5. - paint the door in the living room
  6. - new lock on the back door.
  7. - put sand under the tiles in front of the back door (and fetch the sand first)
  8. - new kitchen drawer
  9. - Redo T's room (I've started)
  10. - New fixing system in shower
  11. - paint the kitchen
  12. - hide the bins in the garden
  13. - cut the large trees in the garden (needs a specialized firm)

  1. - get the car fixed (2 back tires) and cleaned inside and out. 
  2. - New tap in the kitchen (100 euro was 90)

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