Dentist desk and shedding my stuff like old feathers

4/18/2018 Syl 0 Comments

It's like some people just don't care how they do their job. Or maybe I'm just an old nagging bitch.
I don't feel like it. It's more a bit of anger because it costs so much time and stress to deal with the mistakes of others when they won't own them.

So today I got a call...recognised the number and it was the dentist desk again.
I should attach their name to the number, so I know who's calling and I can let them call part or whole of eternity.

'Recently you had an appointment with the prevention assistant'....
It was like a light to fireworks....
Told her that I didn't have an appointment at all, but that the secretary forgot to remove the appointment, she herself decided was not OK.
But that I was just about the cancel the appointment to a meeting I couldn't skip. But that I would be able to go to the dentist.

She changed her she called to make a new appointment.
I refused.
Third reasons:  I had no gum inflammation but just brushed too hard, too well, too long, with a too hard brush before going to the dentist. And that I wondered why he couldn't make the difference.
And last time he told me to go I didn't go at all, but asked him is the job had been done well and my teeth were clean and shiny, and he said: 'Yes, they're perfect'.
And the third reason is that I think a 100 euro for 20 minutes is far too much. (If I would still work I would get 103 to 120 an hour, and it would be considered a high paying job).
I didn't tell her that drilling along the rim of the gums has created a dent in the teeth that love to collect dirt and I already lost a teeth because of that dent and the last time I was in the hands of a preventive assistant she told me I should clean my teeth better and she started drilling in the attachment of the I now have an open entry to my jaw, thank you very much.
Told it the dentist, but he couldn't see it himself or on the x-ray, and he loves to cover mistakes from his employees, so I'm just imagining things.... Hence the infections in my jaw that go and on.

I said that what most bothered me was not the mistake, but the fact that the person in question was not able to say 'sorry', but complained about phoning me and not being able to reach me.

A few minutes later one of the others send me a mail saying sorry.

Maybe it's important to get all overpowering and sounding angry over the phone.
But I was amazed about being so open and shedding my stuff like old feathers.

I know, I just need a good vacation or w home near the sea, where I can write and do my things without people bugging me over a tree they should have taken out ages ago.
Maybe I respect nature too much, maybe there's still some hope somewhere there houses a fairy.... (Don't think so...before you declare me legally nuts.)

Saw the time table of Hacking Health, I was planning to go to and was given free entrance to.
Starts friday afternoon and goes on until sunday evening. Each day stops at 24.00 hours and starts at 7.30 hour. Participating for a part is not accepted. (But I think the medical staff will walk in and out at their own pace and wants.)
I can't cope with such full I cancelled.
Wonder if they'll contact me telling I can come part of the time anyway. They love to have me as a participating patient.

Went through some mails I left aside the past weeks to get some relaxation.
Turned out the volunteer organisation wanted people to come for 3 meetings. Not enough people wanted to come, so they planned a new meeting which is over... in the evening, in the middle of the country at a rather expensive venue. Well, the coffee would have been great!

I started to write the person of the board who had send this mail.
They want to save on transportation costs, so why have us travel through half the country?
I have told in the beginning that I didn't want to travel, and don't want to work evenings, with some exceptions a year. Attending meetings is not part of the exception.

Then I wrote that I experienced that we just have to do what is decided by the board, and it leaves no room for good patient contact. The phone service is regulated in an unpleasant way, just adding stress.
I told him I have a family, and I have to fit in all activities. It gives me not enough room for all those side-activities the board thinks are important, but they are not.
We have to fill in long lists and stuff, whereas we report our activities during the regional meeting and the secretary writes it all down. That should be enough.

Ended the mail with what I really want to do: work in the hospital as heart consultant directly face to face with the patients when they need me most. No advertisement at the end, but just a leaflet with out name and logo.  When I do my job well, that's enough to create good feelings and make people want the connection.

I don't know what he'll do with this mail, but when he throws me out I don't mind.
It's far too much work and the added pressure by the leader of the phone service is a kick in the back.
I'm one of the two people with active health problems. Most others got a stent and some had some other repairs done and feel fine.
They've asked me... for my expertise. So use it!

In between cut part of the branches we took down this week, and leveled the ground for my sitting corner. Did the laundry and during the evening had contact with the kids, including some who live elsewhere.

It was like the day never ended.....



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