Appointment with new cardiologist

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Finally an appointment with a new cardiologist. Next week.
Looking forward to it, because I want to change all of my medication.
I have to calm down, as I feel like a rugby-player in the middle of a tackle.

Cardiology too refuses to treat my anemia. And the treatment of the blood pressure is now down to....tadammmm... nephrology. Well, i'm not happy with that at all. NOT AT ALL.

So I'm going to look for the mail of that nephronurse and ask for another one, as I don't want someone who lives around the corner here and who acts like the black bad stepmother, and who is worse than my own mother was (and she was absolutely not an image of a kind, moderate or slightly bad mom) to be my carer.

Isn't it ridiculous that no one told me properly that there was a shift in treatment of blood pressure between cardiology and nephrology?
They don't even cooperate!!!

I don't know how long this cardiologist will stay, so maybe I'd better prepare to ask that question first and pack my bags when he's there for just a few months. He's not a real bad one, as he is one of the former students of the departments I've worked two weeks ago, but I don't want to go over my story over and over again.
I want one who I can trust for a long time and who can work together with nephrology.
I there's no cooperation, it's a no go.

(I can't tell on the phone to patients to go for the best care when I don't want to do it myself.)

I feel very rich, because there is a good cardiologist waiting for me at the other hospital. But I'd rather not go to that hospital. Worked too long there.

The real problem is nephrology.
It's a mess there, I hate that nurse, I don't like the way they exaggerate the use of a few ibuprofens a year into nearly daily use (I absolutely don't use many, as I don't even have the money), treating me like a stupid kid when I object and tell them they interpret my words wrong, and I think their way of dealing with blood pressure is completely wrong, leading to undertreatment.

Yesterday I was at a day where they wanted to shift patient treatment from treating the disease to treating the person. Patients should not say I have a headache, but say I want to do than and this without a headache.
Well, I bloody have a heart disease that was missed a long, long time, because all told me asthma was the cause. They even didn't listen when I told them Ventolin wasn't working anymore.
Then they put me on the waitinglist so I nearly died from it,
cardiologist 1 saved my life and warned me not to take all those meds longer than about a year.
Cardiologist 2 said he didn't dare to change meds and caused kidney insufficiency and when my family doctor hadn't interfered, based on my pressure on him, (sorry, but it was for a good cause) I still wouldn't have known about it.
And I still have the same medication!!
I feel shit, tired, depressed, old, nauseated, or so stupidly hungry I can even eat old bicycle tyres or not hungry at all so I have to force feed myself. I can't fall asleep, because I'm wide awake at night (so I applied for a job as night carer) and I drift off after dinner.
And I'm often dizzy, my muscles are either as stiff as wood, or stop working far too soon, my neuropathy is worsening, so my body is trying to find a different balance as my toes won't offer feedback to the brains anymore, and I feel like I have to fight my way through life each and every day.

Oh, it keeps me going.
But they have messed up and my body has messed up and I want better doctors who cooperate!!
I don't want patient targeted care.
Have you ever heard of non-patient targeted care? LOL! Something like: I need to treat your heart, so give your pills to your neighbour.

I want teamwork.

I want communication.
I don't want a patient online file which can be reached with the same username and password as my health insurance account and my tax files, kept by the government.

I want them to talk to another and to me,

So it's teamwork or no work.

New model? Not used to it?
Get used to it!!

And don't tell me I have a fluid limit, and at the same time to drink as much as possible.

I'm not a puzzle, and that my image pops-up when you put the arts together?

I'm me.

So respect me.


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