I hate my medication

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When my heart gave up, I was turned into a pill eating machine.

I know these clusters of chemicals keep me alive, but that doesn't mean I love them for it. Not at all.

They take a lot of my time and attention.
4 times a day I have to remember to take them, if I want or not, regardless of the place or situation. I've learned to take them with a piece of bread or something like that, because water is not always available.

It's not possible to take all boxes and pots with me, so I have to fill special boxes.
Some pills are very tiny, so it's a problem to get them out of the blisters.
Others stink when the blisters are opened.
Some boxes and pills look the same, so I have to be careful not to make a mistake. A while ago I put vitamin D in the box instead of heartpills. I discovered it, because I started to feel very unwell. And counting both kinds confirmed my suspicion.
At times boxes are completely changed and sometimes also the size and colour of the pills. So I can't rely on experience. It's reading and checking all the time.
It takes me over 90 minutes to get things sorted for a month.

The pile of junk that is left bothers me too.
The blisters are made of plastic and aluminium, the boxes of paper, and some pots are plastic too.
I have to pay to dispose of them.
Re-using is not an official option, but I often ask the kindergarten nearby if they want to have the pots and/or boxes. A few times a year they like to have the pots. They use them to put seeds of watercress in them, so the children can take the seeds home and grow watercress at home.
The boxes are used for crafts. They're painted, or they glue things on them, build things.
The blisters can be used to make bowls for the dollhouse 1:12. But a house only needs a few bowls.
So what's left goes in the bin.
I'd rather have my pills in pots that can be refilled. It saves time, and a lot of junk.

Taking pills is not a matter of following the doctor's wishes.
The pharmacy is supposed to control for unwanted interactions. I've never had a warning. They trust the cardiologist, and he doesn't check anything. As king of his profession he wants everyone to do what he wants; he thinks he's right.
  • as a diabetic I get pills from him that interfere with blood glucose levels. 
  • I'm allergic to lactose, but I get pills with lactose.
  • I've got asthma, but I get pills I'm not supposed to take, because they enhance asthma..
  • I get pills with positive interactions, meaning they enhance the activity of one or both of them
  • I get pills with negative interactions, meaning they diminish the activity of one or both of them
  • I suffer from kidney-insufficiency (thanks to him), but I get more nefrotoxic medication
  • I get so many pills that even the additives add up and lead to side-effects.
There are so many issues, that I can't get a good insight anymore.
Some pills mask vitamin and mineral deficiencies, some pills cause them.
Some pills need a distance of two hours from each other, others need a 9 hour interval.
Some pills need to be taken with something fat, others absolutely not.
Some can't be taken with grapefruit. When you think that's not a problem as I don't like grapefruit... be aware that some jams, sweets and drinks contain grapefruit too, and it's not mentioned on the product.

And the cost of the fun to stay alive?
I pay for insurance, but before the insurance pays I have to pay 385 euro first, called 'own risk'. That means that in January I have to pay 535 euro for health insurance. (And those members of my family who use medication too. The pension is 1650 euro, and we're here with 3 medication taking people... so use your mathematical skills. Next year they want to raise the 'own risk' to 500 euro. Is it strange to think I won't be able to pay? (Rent is 754 euro)

But hej..that's not all.
Some pills need an extra payment per pill. I don't know why the government thinks this is fair.

And not all medication is covered by the insurance.
Metformin causes a B12 deficiency... because I get shots the insurance covers the problem.
But I also need Pyridoxine and folic acid, because of a metabolic disorder. I've got a Vitamin D deficiency, and a magnesium deficiency.
Since my heart almost caused a complete body shutdown, the metabolic uptake is insufficient.
So the doctor diagnoses, and I pay for what I need.
Leading to saving money on food and drinks....

And about theside-effects of the medication? That's for another blogpost.


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