Where was the weekend?

6/12/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Some weekends are such a succession of events, activities and lack of a few moments of relaxation, that they're over before it feels like a weekend.

On saturday we had my youngest autistic son celebrate his birthday here.
We wanted to surprise him with applecake, but it wasn't available. so we had an applepie.

He enjoyed his time here. Especially because both his sisters were at home. one of them coughing like she could win a championship.

Since he officially complained about the noise in the apartment building people have taken their noise level down and it was clear to us that he was more relaxed than before. It was beneficial to all of us. He wasn't speaking as loud, not as agitated, and he had some laughs and smiles.

For each sip of water we had to go upstairs, as the kitchen tap was broken. So annoying.
I stopped using it completely after I felt it was a problem to stop the waterflow.
And as we were afraid the changing waterpressure might cause problems too, I left the laundry for later this week.

Kids walked in and out, and I had the opportunity to have a few good talks with them.
As I have two meetings on monday I also had some preparations to do.

And then the weekend was over, balletdaughter gone home, and the plan to buy a new tap on tuesday.
Where was the weekend?



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