A bicycle again

6/17/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

Finally I've got a working bicycle.
One of my daughters doesn't need the one in the garden and she adjusted it for me.
I was so happy that I planned  visit to a friend nearby. And when I went, I forgot to take a present.

The last time I used my former bicycle I could hardly turn the wheels, because something was wrong with the thing.
Now I just went on my way, enjoying the ease of movement, and I only got tired legs when I was nearly at my friends.

We had several hours with coffee, enjoying talking, the dogs and even the demented cat.
And going home wasn't a real problem either. Just tiredness when I was nearly home.
I have to exercise a lot more.

I expected another evening of listening to lots of stories from daughter 2., but she didn't make it home after all
Strange not to have them all at home.



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