21. A garden house

6/08/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

One of my oldest wishes is a garden house.
A mini-place of my own, to sit quietly, write, think, create.

Ofcourse an internet connection would be nice, and flowers in the window.

I've never managed to have such a place of my own. I didn't even have a room.

But I gave my children a small house to play, and maybe we can do something with it.

It's a very small wooden house. It can only contain a chair, and maybe a shelf in front of the little window. That's it.

When we make a basis of stones, and build a part if a stone wall which fits the size of the little house, it will become higher at the inside. We can place the wood on the stone. I hope.

The roof can be split into part roof, and part plexi glass, so there will be plenty of light, and at the same time shelter against the rain.

But, to be honest, I'd rather have a new, proper garden house.



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