Time to call the hospital twice.

7/20/2017 Syl's bucketlist 0 Comments

It took 31 minutes to
1. phone cardiology.
I got an appointment, but only with the cardiologist, not for the echo.
So either they had forgotten the echo, or the appointment was made as a reaction to the kidney tests. I wanted to know what was going on.
It took quite a while waiting, but then the secretary had a peek in my files and said they'd forgotten to make an appointment for an echo. It was the 6-month appointment, not a reaction on the kidney problems. (Caused by heart-medication).
The person who makes the schedules for the heart-echo's was not at her place, so she wanted me to call back.
I said I wouldn't. So we agreed she would send a mail.

2. phone nephrology to find out if they'd made an appointment by now.
It's a week ago I was referred.
Yes...august 3. This secretary sounded a bit stressed when she looked up the date and it took longer than just checking, so I think I was still on the waitinglist for an appointment and she quickly booked me in.
And before I have to collect urine during 48 hours, have all the bloodwork done again (preferrably next monday....when I've received the paperwork) and I have to be 30 minutes early because they have to take blood pressure. (I take that myself whenever I want.)
I said I had some doubts about these tests, but she said: 'it's protocol'. Not knowing I hate protocols when they're used as laws.
She told me the paperwork was already sent, but it would take a few days because of the vacation.
Nonsense! The postman doesn't suffer from vacation.
And on top of it all: I'll probably get an assistant and not the nephrologist herself or himself.
I think they would be more informed by reading my medication list......

So I was not very impressed by this call.

In the evening I got the mail from cardiology.
Not just a mail, but a high security one... click a link, reach a page with a link, click that link, get a code, use the code... and then I found a very nice mail.... but the appointment was forgotten. LOL!
In the mail it said I would receive a written confirmation. So I'll wait for it.

I feel not very content with the way this goes.

22 days waiting for an appointment with the nephrologist.
I hope I feel better soon. When I deteriorate further there's no point to see an assistant first.
I's rather have an emailcontact to explain the situation in a few lines, give the relevant information and choose tests wisely. That's far more efficient than protocol-examinations.


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